Friday, June 20, 2014

This is Chapter-5 of OSB interview questions and answers series.

Question: What is Service Result caching in OSB?

Answer: Service Result Caching is one of the options that you can use when you want to improve Oracle Service Bus performance. Service Result caching is used when we have business service which connects to external service which returns somewhat static response. So by using Service Result Caching we don’t hit external service for same request instead it will take the response from cache which improve the OSB performance
For more details, you can refer my below post.

Question: How to perform Service Callout in OSB?
Answer: We use Service Callout option inside Oracle Service Bus to call any service inside message flow to get the required data. In this post, I will show you how to use Service Callout activity in Oracle Service Bus and pass the response from callout service to next service

Refer below post for more details.

Question: When we invoke proxy 2 from proxy 1 then which protocol we need use?
Answer: When there is internal proxy call in OSB then we use “local” transport instead of HTTP.

Question: What is content based routing in OSB?
Answer: When we route the request message to different business services based on request message content, that is called content based routing.

Question: What are different options available in OSB to read flat file?
Answer: We can read flat file in two different ways.

·         Using MFL: we can MFL in OSB to read flat files. For more details refer my below post

·         File Adapter: Create file adapter which read flat file in Jdeveloper, copy JCA, WSDL & XSD file of file adapter in OSB and create proxy service which will read that flat file.

Question: What is SLA alert in OSB?
Answer: A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and a service consumer. In OSB monitoring framework we have SLA alerts which come into picture when there is violation of service level agreements.

For more details refer my below post

Question: How to move large file without reading it in OSB?
Answer:  In Oracle SOA Suite we use “Move” opeartion to move large files from one location to another. But in Oracle Service Bus we don’t have that option available. But we can use Content Streaming option avaiable for file protocol in OSB to move large files.

For more details refer my below post

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