Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In Oracle SOA Suite, we have Oracle Apps adapter which is used when we need to subscribe to Oracle apps business event.

When oracle fires that business event, message came to “WF_BPEL_Q” and you can see the message in “WF_BPEL_QTAB” table.

Someone of us face issue that they are not able listen to that event i.e. they are not able to de-queue the message from BPEL queue.

Below are the possible reasons for that.

  • User which you are using to read that event don’t have sufficient privileges
  • Using wrong JNDI name in Adapter
  • Below is a major reason most of the times:

 When we use oracle apps adapter to listen to business event then it make subscription entry in “AQ$WF_BPEL_QTAB_S” table and in JCA file we see one property with name consumer. So Consumer property value should match with NAME column in table.

Subscription entry in this table will be based on SOA service i.e. if we are having two SOA service listening to same event then we will have entries in this table, one entry for each service.

This entry is made in the table when we configure adapter in SOA but we migrate same code to next environment then we manually need to make this entry.