Friday, June 20, 2014

This is Chapter-4 of OSB interview questions and answers series.

Question: What is Service pooling in OSB?

Answer: In OSB we can group together more than one service so that whenever one service goes down, request will route to next available service and end user can continue his work without any interruption.

For more details, you can refer my below post. 

Question: How file pooling works in OSB?
Answer: There are below two ways to poll a file in OSB.

·         Use OSB file protocol: We can use file protocol available in proxy service to poll the file. Refer below post for more details.

·         Use File adapter: we can create file adapter in Jdeveloper and import JCA, WSDL & XSD file of that adapter into OSB and generate proxy service from that.

Question: Types of pipeline available in OSB?
Answer: We have two pipelines in OSB, Request and Response pipeline.

Question: Can we invoke Restful service from OSB?
Answer: Yes, we can invoke Restful service from OSB. For more details refer below post.

Question: When we use service Account?
Answer: We use Service Account when we are invoking a service which required static authentication.

Question: We don’t have any DB protocol in OSB then how to read/write data from database using OSB?
Answer: We can use database adapter to read/write data from database. We can create database adapter in Jdeveloper, import adapter JCA,WSDL & XSD files to OSB and generate proxy or business service as per our requirement.

Question: How to perform file listing in OSB?

AnswerTo perform file listing in OSB, you need to create file adapter with file listing operation in Jdeveloper and use that only.

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