Thursday, January 23, 2014

When we migrate our code to next environment, we need to replace certain properties inside JCA file, like physical directory, polling frequency etc. we use config plans to replace these properties.

Suppose I have one FTP adapter and I am reading file from FTP from one specified location.

<adapter-config name="Ftp_FileListing" adapter="FTP Adapter" wsdlLocation="Ftp_FileListing.wsdl" xmlns="">
    <connection-factory location="eis/Ftp/system" UIincludeWildcard="test*.txt"/>
  <endpoint-interaction portType="FileListing_ptt" operation="FileListing">
    <interaction-spec className="oracle.tip.adapter.ftp.outbound.FTPListInteractionSpec">
      <property name="PhysicalDirectory" value="/dev/read/salesorder/"/>
      <property name="IncludeFiles" value="test.*\.txt"/>

To replace PhysicalDirectory property inside JCA file, go to wsdlAndSchema section of config plan.
Mention below property if you want to replace Physical Directory property.

<jca:property name="PhysicalDirectory"><replace>/test/read/salesorder/</replace></jca:property>

   <wsdlAndSchema name="Ftp_Readfile.jca">
      <jca:property name="PhysicalDirectory"><replace>/test/read/salesorder/</replace></jca:property>

You can also replace below properties inside JCA file.

<jca:property name="DeleteFile"><replace>true</replace></jca:property>
<jca:property name="PollingFrequency"><replace>3</replace></jca:property>


  1. Great! Thanks for this, was looking how to do this for ages. Appreciate it.

  2. How to change connection-factory Location ?? I am using eis/ftp/test in TEST and need to use eis/ftp/prod in PRODUCTION. How can I change through config file ?

  3. Can we change of reference wsdl. In test we are connecting to Sales-force test sandbox and in production we want to connect to Production sales-force environment.