Friday, January 3, 2014

BAM is mainly used for monitoring and reporting purpose. We also have alerts in BAM which can perform different operations; one of it is Call External Web Service whenever required.

In this post, I will show you how you can configure alerts in BAM to invoke external web service.
We have prepared one use case, in this use case first we will pass data from First Composite to BAM Data Object then by using alert we will call second Composite.

·         First Create one Data Object in BAM (refer Create Data Objects in BAM)
      ·         Create a first simple Composite. In this we will send the data to Bam Data Object. We can perform this action by two ways.

·         Using BAM Adapter (refer Connect to Bam using Bam Adapter)
                  ·         Using Sensors (refer Connect to Bam using BPEL Sensors)

Now we need to create one alert In BAM, that alert will call second Composite or external web service.

To add alert, choose Alerts from drop down list.

Click on “Create a new alert” to create new alert.
Once you click on above link, it will open a pop-up window. Click on “Create a Rule”.
You will see various events listed so we need to can choose one event.

We will choose “When a data field in a data object meets specified conditions”.
Then click on above link. This will open below pop –up window. Choose your Data Object.

Click on “add new entry” to add new rule. We need to specify one condition to start the alert.  So when ever Name will come as Vivek then this alert will trigger.

Now click on “add entry” to add this entry. And click ok button.

We will get following picture. Then click on Next button.
Now we need to select one action that should be performed when this alert triggered. Click on “Call a web service”.
Then click on configure web service.
 The click on configure web service; it will open below pop up window. Fill the External web service WSDL URL there.
Now click on “Display Operations”. This will display all the operations that are there in External web service WSDL file. Now click on “Map Parameters”.


Now we need to map Data object fields to second composite input. After mapping click on OK button. Alert is created.


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