Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This is Chapter-10 of Oracle SOA interview questions and answers series.

Question: Which property we have to use to process JMS, AQ or MQ messages on one node in cluster environment.

Answer: we use singleton property in composite.xml file.
<property name="singleton" type="xs:boolean" many="false" override="may">true</property>

Question: Which property we need to use to control number of message processed from MQ at one time?

Answer:  we need to use InboundThreadCount property to control number of messages which MQ adapter pick from MQ.

Question: Which property we need to use with singleton property to process the message in sequential order for AQ?

Answer: We need to set activtionInstances=1 along with singleton property for AQ adapter in cluster environment to process message in sequential order.

Question: Can we set IncludeFiles property dynamically for file/ftp adapter?

Answer: No, by default we can’t set IncludeFiles property at run time. But Oracle provided one patch (patchId=10380349), if we apply that then we can use set this property at run time.

Question: What is delay property for AQ adapter?
Answer:  This property is used when we don’t want to make the message visible to outside world for some time. Message is visible and ready to read once that delay time expire message. This property is set at Invoke for AQ adapter.

Question: What is adapter.jms.receive.threads property for JMS adapter?
Answer: To improve performance, the adapter.jms.receive.threads property can be tuned for an adapter service. The default value is 1, but multiple inbound threads can be used to improve performance. When specified, the value of adapter.jms.receive.threads is used to spawn multiple inbound poller threads.

Question: What is UseStaging property in file and FTP adapter?
Answer: If the parameter is set to true, then the outbound Oracle File or FTP Adapter writes translated data to a staging file and later streams the staging file to the target file. If the parameter is set to false, then the outbound Oracle File or FTP Adapter does not use an intermediate staging file.  It is defined in Outbound JCA File.

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