Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This is Chapter-1 of OSB interview questions and answers series.

Question: To connect to source system which service we will use?
Answer: we will use Proxy service to connect to Source system.

Question: To connect to target system which service we will use?
Answer: we will use Business service to connect to target system.

Question:  What is Proxy Service?
Answer: It is a service in OSB which is exposed to source system or application.

Question: What is Business Service?

Answer: It is a service in OSB which is used to connect to target system.

Question: What is Message Flow?
Answer: Message flow is there in proxy service, We do all types of transformation, routing and other processing message flow only.

Question: Do we have global variable in OSB (Can we access variable which is defined in proxy service message flow from other proxy service message flow)?
Answer: No, we can't access variable in proxy service message flow from other proxy service message flow.

Question: Can we use direct bindings to call SOA composites?
Answer: Yes, we can direct binding-bindings to call SOA composites along with SOAP bindings.

Question: Where the file will go if there is any error while polling the file ?
Answer: During configuring file or ftp protocol in OSB, we need to specify error directory, so you can see file to that directory if file polling failed.

Question: Why we use Split-Joins in OSB?
Answer: To do parallel processing.

Question: Types of Split-Joins?
Answer: Static and dynamic.

Question: How to call Java code from OSB?
Answer: By using Java callout activity.

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  1. Could you explain about what is the source system and target system?

    1. Source & target system can be any application or system.

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  3. Hi Vivek,

    I am a great fan of your blog. I am facing one issue where OSB is consuming from JMS Queue and then calling a BPEL (Synhronous), this BPEL has just one wait activity that waits for 5 mins, Now when the osb invokes the bpel it goes in time out scenario and the message which is picked from JMS queue is not written to the error queue. I have made necessary arrangements so that message should go to the error queue in case of error. I am not able to understand if there any way by which I can ensure that messages goes to the error queue. Also the call from OSB to BPEL is HTTP.

    It will be great of you if you can give any suggestion on this.

  4. Hi Nishith,

    I suggest you to use Asynchronous process if there is wait of 5 minutes instead of synchronous process. Pick the message from JMS queue, call the BPEL process asynchronously and get the response back from BPEL to OSB using callback proxy service.


  5. Hi vivek,
    Could you pls tell me what is a callback proxy service? How is it created?


  6. Hi vivek,

    Could you pls explain what is SOAP binding and what is direct binding.