Friday, December 20, 2013

Question: What is “Minimum Age” in File adapter?
Answer: This parameter specifies the minimum age of files to be retrieved. This enables a large file to be completely copied into the input directory before it is retrieved for processing.

This is Chapter-8 of Oracle SOA interview questions and answers series.

Question: What is trigger file in File adapter?
Answer: When we choose “Trigger File” checkbox, file adapter will not poll/read the file/files from specified directory unless it sees trigger file in trigger file directory. Once trigger files is there in the trigger file directory, file adapter will start polling the files.

Question: What is Logical path in File adapter?
Answer: This parameter specifies the logical input directory to be polled. The parameter is of type String. We provide value of logical path in composite.xml file.

Question: How to handle errors when we unable to read/poll a file using file adapter if that file is corrupt?
Answer: We need to use File rejection handler to catch these types of error.

Question: What is Sync-Read in file adapter?
Answer: When we want to read a file in between our BPEL flow then we use this option.

Question: Can we read remote files using file adapter?
Answer: To read file from remote location we need to use FTP adapter.

Question: What is native format?
Answer: when we want to read the file as it, means we don’t want to transform file content to XML format then we use native format option.

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