Thursday, October 3, 2013

TThis is Chapter-5 of Oracle SOA interview questions and answers series.

Question: What is MDS & Why we use MDS in Oracle SOA?
Answer: MDS stands for Oracle MetaData Service. It is central repository inside Oracle Fusion Middleware. MDS purpose is to provide centralized store where we can keep, manage & access metadata.

Metadata is often defined as data about data, or in other words, pieces of information that describes and gives meaning to other information. Typical examples of metadata used by Oracle Fusion Middleware components are XML files, XSD schema files, XSL transformations, SCA composites, BPEL processes, WSDLs, business rules, Oracle ADF pages, JaveServer Pages (JSP), and Oracle ADF task flows, among others.

The same metadata that is used during the design phase of application is used at application runtime through the metadata service layer. This ensures consistency through the lifecycle of the application. Metadata such as XML files or XSD schema files is usually shared among different components. Therefore, it is not only necessary that those resources can be accessed easily and referenced by all the components, but it is also important that they remain consistent; a change in the metadata should be reflected in all the components that are referencing it. Having only one copy of each metadata resource avoids unnecessary redundancy and guarantees that the changes are made in only one place.

Question: Types of MDS Repository?
Answer: File-Based & DB Based.

Question: What is File-Based MDS Repository?
Answer:  The idea behind file-based repositories is to allow developers to have a light repository available in their local environment that can be easily adapted for development and tests; a file-based repository relieves developers of having to configure and maintain an external database while providing necessary functionality, such as file referencing and customizations. These kinds of repositories are easily modified and maintained, since they define a directory structure similar to any other directory structure inside an operating system. They can be navigated and altered using common shell commands or any kind of visual file explorer application. The file-based repository is usually located inside the Oracle JDeveloper home (JDEV_HOME/integration) if the default configuration is used.

Question: What is DB-Based MDS Repository?
Answer:  Database-based repositories are used in production environments where robustness is needed. These repositories are created using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU) application from Oracle. This utility helps with the creation of a new database schema with its corresponding tables and objects. Repositories can later be registered or deregistered via the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control console.

Question: Which configuration file store MDS configurations?
Answer: The adf-config.xml file is a configuration file that is used to store MDS Configurations.

Question: What type of WSDL file we usually keep in MDS?
Answer: We usually keep Abstract WSDL’s only in MDS.

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