Thursday, October 3, 2013

This is Chapter-6 of Oracle SOA interview questions and answers series.

Question: By how many ways we can handle error/fault in BPEL?

Answer: By using Catch blocks & Fault handling framework.

Question: Can we use both Catch block & fault handling framework in one BPEL?

Answer: Yes, we can have both Catch Block & Fault policies files in one BPEL.

Question: Standard Faults in BPEL?

Answer: Below is the list of Standard Faults in BPEL.

·         bindingFault, conflictingReceive, conflictingRequest, correlationViolation

·         forcedTermination, invalidReply, joinFailure, mismatchedAssignmentFailure

·         remoteFault,  repeatedCompensation, selectionFailure,  uninitializedVariable

Question: Standard Faults in Mediator?

Answer: Mediator has only one standard fault.


Question: How to get Fault Trace in CatchAll block?

Answer: By using getFaultAsString() function.

Question: Can we have custom faults in BPEL?

Answer: Yes we can create custom faults in BPEL, these faults are usually called Business Faults and we usually handle it by using specific Catch block.

 Question: Can we re throw a fault from Catch blocks?

Answer: Yes, we can re-throw fault from Catch block.

Question: Where we keep fault-policies.xml & fault-binding.xml files?

Answer: We can keep these files either local to project or in MDS and in both the cases we have to specify the path in composite.xml file.

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