Thursday, September 1, 2016

In this post, I will show how you can create container for Oracle Storage Cloud Service.Oracle Storage Cloud Service container is required before we proceed further with creation of Oracle Database Cloud Service and SOA Cloud Service. You will not be able to configure SOA Cloud service until and unless we create this container.

Before you proceed to this post, you need to install OpenStack client. You can refer this post to see how to install it.

Follow below steps to create the Oracle Storage Service Container.

Step 1:Replication Policy: Open your service dashboard and go to Oracle Storage Cloud Service. By default replication policy is not set so you need to set it first. To set it click on “Set Replication Policy” option.

Create Oracle Storage Replication Policy

Choose any one replication policy, for this post, we have selected em2.

Oracle Cloud Storage Choose Replication Policy

Step 2: Download and Install OpenStack client:  you can follow this post to check how to install OpenStack client.

Step 3:Connect to Storage Cloud: Before you proceed with connection, you should be aware about your data centre, you can check your data centre by clicking on Oracle Storage Cloud Service as shown below.

Oracle Cloud Storage Data centre

Open the CloudBerry explorer and go to File and select “New Oracle Cloud Account “option.

Oracle Cloud Storage New Oracle Cloud Account

In below window, enter required details as explained below.

Display Name: Name of the identity domain that includes your cloud service instances.

User Name: Enter the name of the account in this format: Storage-Identity_Domain:Oracle_Cloud_user. 

Identity_Domain is the name of your identity domain and Oracle_Cloud_user is the user name of your Oracle Cloud service.

Password: Enter your Oracle Cloud service password.

Authentication Service: This will be based upon your data centre location and comes by default when you select Account location.

Account location: Use the value based on data centre.
Keystone version: Use the default value, which is Do not use.
Oracle Cloud Storage Account Details

Click on “Test Connection” to test the connectivity and it should show connection successful message as shown below.

Oracle Cloud Storage Account Test Connection

Step 4: Create Container: Once you connect to Oracle Storage Cloud Service, next step is to create container, for that choose connection that you created in previous step in source drop down.

Oracle Cloud Storage Connection

Click on “Create Container” icon as shown below.

Oracle Cloud Storage Create Container

Enter the container name and choose container type as “Standard”.

Oracle Cloud Storage Database Container

Similarly create another container for SOA cloud service.

Oracle Cloud Storage SOA Container

Once you create the container, you see list of all available container as shown below.

Oracle Cloud Storage Container List


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