Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oracle has released SOA Suite 12c and lots of new features are introduced in this release. Below is list of some of the new features.

Single Installer: Oracle Suite 12c comes as single installer for developers that means you only need to install only one setup (SOA Suite 12c), DB/Weblogic/SOA will get installed, you need to install it separately. Oracle SOA 12c use Java Derby database, which is file based and that makes it really fast.

Click here to see how to run single installer and install SOA 12c.

Single IDE: In Oracle SOA 12c Jdeveloper is used as IDE for all designs. For OSB development we need not to use different IDE (Eclipse) anymore, we can develop OSB application in Jdeveloper itself.

Click here to see how to create OSB project from Jdeveloper 12c.

Debugger: This is new feature in Oracle SOA 12c, debugger is introduced to debug SOA and OSB applications. With the help of debugger we can debug our code before deploying it; this saves lot of development efforts. We can also change message text while debugging it.

Click here to see how to use debugger.

Graphical MDS: In Oracle SOA 12c graphical tool is provided to publish, search and consume filed from MDS and OER.

Click here to see how this graphical MDS works.

SOA Templates: With the introduction of templates sharing of code between teams become earlier and development efforts reduced. There are three types of templates introduced.
  • Project Template
  • Component Template
  • Custom Activity Template
Click here to see for more details.

BPEL Sub-process: Sub-process is introduced in this launch which helps to reduce redundancy. Suppose we need to update database table 3 times in one flow so instead of add 3 different invoke to same BPEL, create sub-process which update the database table and use that sub-process 3 times in that BPEL. There are two types of sub-processes.
  • Standalone sub-process
  • Inline sub-process
Click here to see for more details.

Re-sequencing in OSB: In 11g this feature was available in Mediator, in Oracle SOA 12c this features added to service bus also, with the help of this feature we able to process the request message in proper sequence.

Click here for more details.

Adapter: Coherence, LDAP and cloud adapter are introduced in this release.

Click here to see how Coherence adapter works.

Xquery Mapper: In this release Xquery mapper is introduced which provide XQuery support.

Enterprise Service Scheduler: ESS is out of box scheduler. By using this we can schedule the services.

Click here to see how ESS used to schedule SOA service.

Translate Activity Translate activity is also introduced which is used for Native to XML and XML to Native transformation.

Click here to see how translate activity works.

MDS support for OSB: In 11g version MDS support was not there for OSB but in 12c MDS support is provided for OSB.

Click here to see how to use MDS file to create OSB business service.


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    1. Thanks for reading and happy to know that you liked this post.

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    Also can you please post differences from 11g to 12c in more technical way and also how 12c more on cloud env might be in infrastructure way??

    1. Hi Venkat,

      Please read my other posts and you will come to know about the differences but till now I haven't write any one consolidated post for the post. Regarding cloud, I started adding some posts recently.

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