Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The following tables are used by Mediator to store the instance and audit trail data:
  1. MEDIATOR_INSTANCE - This table contains one row for each mediator instance. Each instance has a unique id. It stores ecid, composite instance id and parent component id from normalized message and overall state of an instance in the component_state column. The component state depends on the combination of the mediator case instance states, the states are listed here.
  2. MEDIATOR_CASE_INSTANCE - This table contains one row for each mediator routing rule and fault information for a routing rule is also stored. Each case instance has one unique id. It stores mediator instance id and case name, related fault information and information pertaining to retries. This is the base table for executing automatic retries using fault policies.
  3. MEDIATOR_CASE_DETAIL - This table contains multiple rows for each routing rule and stores mediator audit trail xml as a blob for each routing rule. Each case detail rows are bound together by case id. It stores case detail state, audit trail for each case detail. The state of the latest case detail is the current state of the case.
  4. MEDIATOR_AUDIT_DOCUMENT- This table stores payload at each stage of mediator message flow and payloads are stored only when instance tracking audit level is set to "Development". Each row in this table stores the payload at a point in the message flow. e,g, transformed payload, payload being sent to the target service.

Reference- A Team Oracle Blog


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