Saturday, August 25, 2012

Data objects are tables that store raw data in the database. Each data object has a specific layout which can be a combination of data fields, lookup fields, and calculated fields.Whenever we are connecting to BAM we are sending data to Data Objects.

Below is step by step process to create Data Object.

- Go to BAM Console http://host:port/oraclebam 
- Click on Architect 

Bam Console

- From Drop down select "Data Object"

Choose Data Object

- Click on "Create subfolder" if you want to create Data Object in different folder. Or you can choose any exiting folder.

Create Sub Folder

- We will create Data Object inside "TestDataObject" subfolder that we created above.

- Click on "Create Data Object" to create new Data Object.

Create Data Object Link

- Enter Data Object Name, Tip text and Description as per your requirement. Click on "Add a field" link to start adding new fields to newly created Data Object.

Enter Data Object Details

- Add Required fields in Data Object and click on "Create Data Object" button to complete Data Object creation process.

Add Data Object Fields

- Click on Continue.

Complete Data Object Creation

- Data Object successfully created.

Data Object Creation Completed

Next Post explains How to Configure/Create EMS (Enterprise Message Source) in BAM

Create EMS in BAM


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